Non-Binding Referendum Petition

This is the official petition document requesting a non-binding referendum be placed on the Primary Ballot for August 18, 2020, asking whether Navarre and Navarre Beach should proceed with the legislative process spelled out in the State Constitution for forming a municipal city.

Again this is a non-binding referendum. It does not make Navarre a city. If 60% plus 1 or more of the vote taken in Precincts 26, 29, 34, 35, 38 and 40 approve the measure, it will signal our state representative to begin the discovery process to propose legislation for incorporation.

By signing and submitting this petition you are not officially voting for incorporating, only stating your desire to see it addressed on the ballot.

If you agree that will of the people should be exercised at the ballot box on this issue, please click the link above and download the petition. Fill it out as directed, paying close attention to a few important details:

  • Please print and sign your name as it appears on your voter registration card.

  • You may enter either your precinct number and voter ID number OR your date of birth.

  • Use the address associated with your voter registration card.


Mail the completed form to:

Navarre Area United

PO Box 5967

Navarre, FL 32566

Thank you for your support!


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